JUST SEVENTEEN: The Somme to the Prom

Mixed Media Collage on board. 24×36″. 2017

My Big Grandad (William Edward Douse ‘Mac) and my Nephew (Robert Christian Moffet Durban ‘Kit’) looking very alike at the age of 17, Mac, from North London, England, lied about his age and went off to WWI and was in the Battle of the Somme, France, as well as other battles in 1914-1918. Kit was preparing to go to University at High School in Takoma Park Maryland, and has this year, just became a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University, Massachusetts, USA, now 24.

Their physical lineage is strikingly strong and their stories were the narrative I followed.

Below is a copy of the notes of his war experience from Mac during the 1963, typed up by my mum, Joy, his daughter.Scannable Doc.jpgScannable Doc (1) (dragged) 1.jpgScannable Doc (1) (dragged).jpg

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