Playing Catch-up!

I was in this show last month with these Lego pieces:
Dame Aretha and her Soft Center Soul Singers
Lego Blocks. Group: 10x10x20”. Individually: Dame 10x10x10″, singers: 5x5x8”. 2021-2022
Dame Aretha (Detail)
Lego Blocks. 10x10x10″. 2022.
Sibling 1: Christopher
Lego Blocks. 3x10x10″. 2022.

Sibling 2: Deborah
Lego Blocks and sari-twine. 3x10x10″. 2022.

Sibling 3: Michael
Lego Blocks and string 3x10x10″. 2022.

I started using Lego as a form of expression during the Covid Pandemic. I am making portraits and it is amazing how you can capture someone’s looks in bricks!

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