Floral City – a brick problem


Lego brick, 12x12x3″, 2023.

Haven’t posted anything for a while – family and health stuff means I have not felt very creative. Been making Lego kits and drawing some what, but since lock down I have really been struggling, not sure how to get past the creative hiatus, I know it happens to most artists. Whilst doing the Lego kits I started to think about how to create ‘Art’ with them, Floral City is the first finished piece. I know that once the Lego is in a frame it is hard to put on hanging wires etc. so I have made 4 different lego backs in frames with the idea of working in the lego’s right onto the frame, (no chipping please LOL), therefore more work to come.

But here is the conundrum … I received several lego floral kits and decided I should use them to make ‘Art’ – FLORAL CITY is the first. I have a reluctance to use glue but this is particularly fragile – especially if I was to hang a show and transport them any where. Maybe an acrylic box cover? But definitely need to do some research into that … let me know if any other ideas come to mind !

One thought on “Floral City – a brick problem

  1. Hi Deb. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. Loving your blog. Have lost your email address. Would love to hear from you if you’d like to email me. Please do let me know how you are doing. Been thinking about you. Lots of love, Elly xxx


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