Deborah Durban: Mixed media artist

Deborah Durban is an artist who uses personal narratives as a lens to explore broader cultural and political issues. Her own experiences of being an outsider—as an immigrant to this country, and as a woman who pursued a career in a male dominated profession in her birth country of England, give her a unique perspective on rights and opportunities many of us take for granted. Deborah’s work regularly confronts cultural stereotypes and alienation that arise from questions of body image, something that she has become acutely aware of in confronting physical challenges brought about by illness.

Having began her life as a teacher of art, and having a masters degree in Art Education it is natural for Deborah to use her art to simultaneously express and educate. In sharing her own story, she seeks to expand our understanding of our current cultural and political situation, and of ourselves.

She currently lives in Virgin, Utah.